Mann ke baat!

Modi Ji… What is the point of hosting mann ke baat, jab mann ke baat he nahi hoti. I remember you saying that you have removed corruption from the top level… then why are so many of your ministers are involved in corruption?

Maggi being sold at Rs.102

Maggi ban in India over Lead poisoning

This article in HT said that shopkeepers are selling Maggi at Rs.100+ (MPR Rs.10), which means over 10 times the price because there is a demand for it.. I fail to understand what kind people knowingly want to put their health at risk for eating Maggi, especially when they are paying over 10 times the cost. Could it be Maggi addiction?

Quoted from HT

Rashmi Sinha, a 29-year old graphic designer living in the area, echoes the opinion of many Maggi lovers across the city.

“We have been having Maggi for so many years, I think we are immune to the lead content in it. If adulteration had to stop us from having food in this country then we would stave to death,” Sinha said.

While i agree with the later half of Rashmi… i don’t believe that anyone can develop immunity from long term exposure to Lead.

Please read the point below which i have taken from Wold Health Organisations website… Make sure to read the second last point.

Key facts

  • Lead is a cumulative toxicant that affects multiple body systems and is particularly harmful to young children.
  • Childhood lead exposure is estimated to contribute to about 600 000 new cases of children developing intellectual disabilities every year.
  • Lead exposure is estimated to account for 143 000 deaths per year with the highest burden in developing regions.
  • About one half of the burden of disease from lead occurs in the WHO South-East Asia Region, with about one-fifth each in the WHO Western Pacific and Eastern Mediterranean Regions.
  • Lead in the body is distributed to the brain, liver, kidney and bones. It is stored in the teeth and bones, where it accumulates over time. Human exposure is usually assessed through the measurement of lead in blood.
  • There is no known level of lead exposure that is considered safe.
  • Lead poisoning is entirely preventable.

Double standards of BJP – Smriti Irani in trouble

When it came to APP leader and Ex Law Minister Jitender Tomar, the BJP took a very swift action… the fastest i have ever seen, FIR and then Jail within days of getting proof, which itself was got in a record time.

However when it come to one of their own, HRD Minister Smriti Irani and her education qualifications they are taking their own sweet time. The court has given a hearing date of 28th August which is over 2 months from now… which gives the party plenty of time to get a cover plan together.

Shouldn’t the law be the same for 2 people irrespective of their stand in society or which party do they belong to? Mr. Modi, proudly said that he has removed corruption from the top level sometime back.. I construed it as just “talks” as both Sushma Swaraj, L.Modi scandal and Smriti Irani case leave many questions unanswered.

Service tax now 14%, anyone feeling the pinch?

Service tax was recently increased by 1.64% (from 12.36% to 14%), this extra 1.64% is not the reason for my cribbing. What i failed to understand that the amount being charged extra on the service tax (cess) for education / Swachh Bharat campaign and Clean Ganga, how are the funds being utilised and that are the mechanisms in place for transparency of fund and making sure this is not just another scam.

I had read in the paper a couple back that the education cess was un-utilised by many states and changes of scam happening with that money are very high. Today i read in HT that river Yamuna has to be left alone to be cleaned, Manoj Misra (Convener Yamuna Jiye Abhiyaan) said that we do not have to spend thousands of crores in cleaning Yamuna, if we work towards stopping the industrial and domestic pollution from entering Yamuna then over a period of time, the Yamuna will clean itself. If this is true, then why are we again spending thousands of crores more on cleaning Ganga instead of stopping pollution at the source.

Modi Ji, with all due respect… your campaigns of Swachh Bharat has been a failure for commoners, now you want us to pay more taxes for what? Indians already pay up to 50% in Direct and Indirect Taxes and the quality of living still remains su standard.

Let me suggest something here, first run your promotional campaigns for a year and show that you have done some work.. show that in a year, you have cleaned India and then as for people to pay higher taxes to maintain that… i would be happy to pay then!

Almost all politicians are Yoga masters!

Almost all politicians in the world are Yoga masters and i can say this with 100% certainty! How? Well, can’t they all bend over backwards or do a handstand for money? The key to their success is practicing “yoga” multiple times a day 🙂