Man of the Hour: Anna Hazare

Speaking on the third day of his fast, 73-year-old veteran social activist Anna Hazare said on Thursday that his health was fine though he was feeling slightly weak and had lost about 1.5 kg weight. Hazare said that he would be fine for about seven days and urged people not to worry for him.

The activist, who is fighting war against corruption, also lamented the condition in which the country is today. He said that India was known as ‘sone ki chidya’ in the past but where has that gone today.

Hazare said that many people spread various kinds of rumours against him but that would not shake his determination in fight against corruption. He also refuted the allegation that his protest was influenced by the RSS.

Hazare apologized to political leader Uma Bharati, who was booed by the protestors, who had come to support Anna’s protest. He said that in a democracy everybody has the right to go to any place.

The activist also recalled the time when politician paid money to goons to kill him. He said that a number of cases were filed against him by his detractors but all this could force him to change the course of his life, which is dedicated to social service.

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