Inner Voice – Dreams are the Seeds

A must read article by Babita Kejriwal.

We all have dreamt great dreams, had great visions right from the innocent times of our childhood. But due to lack of encouragement from our elders and contemporaries, they fade away to the darkness of some remote corners of our hearts. Some very predominant ones may be rekindled in future, depending on many factors, whereas others just wither and die down. But if we know the laws of life, the abundance waiting for us, we will not find any of our goals worthless. If we have sufficient belief in ourselves, if we can envision it happening in our minds, we will surely attain success. It is said that each thing is achieved twice in our lives: once in our minds and the other in reality.

The universe is waiting to give us everything that we need and require all the time; it is up to us to take it or leave it. If we focus a lot on our goals, dream of our successes, we are giving a lot of energy to it, thus ensuring its fulfillment. No dream whatsoever is impossible. I read a story of a young girl with spectacles, who wanted to be a pilot.

In those times it was not allowed, but her father encouraged her, assuring her that her dream will definitely come true. And sure enough, when she grew up, aviation rules changed and pilots with spectacles were allowed. My father-in-law dreamt of building his own bungalow in his young days, though it seemed impossible at that time, yet he nurtured his dream and sure enough he did it in later times. And you could give many such examples in your own society.

Let us cultivate the fertile minds of all, including children. Let the children grow whatever they wish, in the gardens of their minds. Allow them to live life kingsize, broaden their horizons and have an expansive consciousness and meet all their dreams with open arms. All you have to do is to encourage and give them your hearty support. And see their dreams turning into realities.

One Response to “Inner Voice – Dreams are the Seeds”

  1. We start dreaming only when we understand a thing’s merit and demerit.prior to this stage we just love things we see it or/ do it whether they are good or bad but do efforts to gain it or live withit.This is the age of adolesence needs handling with care,without intrruptions.