A Runway Yet to Take Off

This is what GMR had plans of how the IGI airport would look
Look of Delhi International Airport on Paper

This is what GMR has done… vastly different from the plan… isn’t it?
Look of Delhi International Airport in Reality

Just a week ago the new 4.4 Km runway was inaugurate at the Indira Gandhi International Airport at Delhi. It has not even come in use and the problems have already started. This goes to show that none of the companies in India are capable of handling Indian projects within time and with quality. Take for example GMR which is doing up the IGI airport, they have updated the look of the airport from the outside as well as the inside… but the updates are those which other countries did 10 years back. There is an extreme lack of quality work when it comes to finishing. If you look at the flooring inside the airport, the marble / stone has been chipped from various places, the ceiling has water stains etc etc. I am sure they will get everything done by the start of the common wealth games but there is a difference is between fixing things up to look good for a day and to make something which remains functional for years to come.

One Response to “A Runway Yet to Take Off”

  1. Hi,

    First of all, the above 2 photographs are not of the same airports.
    The upper one is of the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at Hyderabad and it looks exactly as it is in the picture. I’m a resident of the Hyderabad and have seen the airport a number of times. Trust me, the 1st picture is that of RGI airport at Hyderabad. I don’t know the condition of IGI airport though.