Beware of Motor Driving Schools in Pune

Cribb sent in by Sanjukta.

I want to reach the residents of Pune to make them aware of the real face behind the driving schools that promises them a lot to take out money.

I intended to learn driving and hence was in the lookout for a driving school in Pune. After speaking to a couple of them I found out that the time they devote on each session (15 minutes-30 minutes) was not upto my expectation. I also intended to obtain my license (both learning and permanent) through them as I’m new to Pune and was not confident about how to get it done on my own.

In the beginning of April I came across an Advertisement on Times Classifieds of a driving School (Champion Motor Driving School) that promises to take 1 Hour driving sessions on any of the preferred car type. I called on the mobile no displayed in the Advertisement and spoke to one Mr. Rajan who claims to be the owner of this school. I was interested in enrolling for a 10 day course (1 hour each day) starting from the next day that was 05/04/2009.

In no time Mr. Rajan personally visited my place and promised to make me skilled enough to drive on my own on city roads after this 10 day course with them. He also is bragged a lot about his professionalism and how he made the school better than other such schools in the city. He said he would take feedback from me periodically to check if I’m satisfied with the way the trainer has been training me. Moreover he claimed that his agency would do everything to help me get my license without any hassle. He asked for the entire course fee Rs. 3000 upfront plus Rs. 700 for license (200 for learning license + 500 for permanent license).

Me and my husband both were impressed with his claim and paid him the entire course fee + Rs. 200 for learning license for which he (Mr. Rajan) wrote down a list of documents I should carry to the RTO the following Monday (06/04/2009) when his agents will help me get it in no time. We decided to start the session from the next day (i.e Sunday 05;04/09), and the time we decided on was 10 am-11 am everyday.

The next morning I was ready before time and at about 9:55 am called a phone no given to me as the trainer’s phone no to give him direction of my place. To my utter surprise, the trainer said that he was out of town and could not come that day. I was annoyed with such unprofessionalism as I wasn’t informed by either the trainer or Mr. Rajan. When we called him (Mr.Rajan), he gave lame excuses like he didn’t know the trainer was out of town and so on. After I insisted on starting the session on the very same day, he agreed on sending some other driver but in the evening (5 pm- 6 pm). The driver did come that evening at the time agreed on and I specifically told him that I don’t know anything about driving and this was the 1st time I sat on the driver’s seat. After the 1st session he told me that he would come the next evening (Monday 06/04/2009) at the same time.

Next afternoon (06/04/2009) I called up one of their agents in RTO as asked by Mr. Rajan and he told me a list of documents I needed to get the learning license. The list was different from what Mr. Rajan gave us and according to which we kept the documents ready. Inspite of that I got all the documents photocopied immediately and went to the RTO. Their I the agent gave me a form to fill up and assembled the documents and thereafter I was to do the rest. I understood that I gave them the money (Rs. 200) for no reason. The inspecting officer asked for one more piece of address proof other than the one I was carrying. When I came back the the agent, he said I need to get an affidavit done for which they asked for another Rs. 200. I refused to pay the same and told Mr. Rajan about the same but he did nothing to resolve it. So I went back home saying that I would come back on the following Wednesday with more documents.

Now the same evening I was waiting for the trainer to come for my second session. No miss call came from the trainer, hence, I called up Mr. Rajan. He said it was the trainer’s day off so he would not come. Extremely annoyed I told him that the trainer didn’t tell me anything about the same and again he gave some lame excuses which means that he virtually has no control on what his trainers do. The trainer did continue to come for the next three days but only taught me to control the steering. Half the time he would be quiet and if I asked any question he would either be sarcastic or answer as if he was doing me a favour. I still ignored all that.

On 10/04/09 which was supposed to be the 5th day of training, the trainer sent me an sms saying he could not come for the session and would come the next day at the same time, he didn’t mention any reason for that. I ignored that as well. The next morning (Saturday 11/04/09) the trainer gave me a miss call. When I called he asked me to take the session in another 15 minutes from them. When I insisted on the evening timing for the session, he agreed. In the afternoon a different trainer called and said he would come instead as there was a family problem in the actual Trainer’s family. Irritated with all these we called Mr. Rajan to complain and he said that he would send a senior driver whose no he gave me on the 1st day. That trainer came for the next two days. He was very humble and taught me the basics very well, however, he was surprised to see that the former trainer has literally taught me nothing. I was satisfied with this trainer so I called Mr Rajan and requested him to send this senior trainer for the rest of the days.

On the following Monday (13/04/09) I went to the RTO again and obtained my learning license on my own in which the agent had no hand and decided to obtain my permanent license without their help for which thankfully I didn’t pay them before hand. From that day my trainer went on leave for more than two weeks as he went to his native place to attend some family function. I could not decide whether to continue with the help of another new trainer or to wait for him to come back. After a day I called up Mr. Rajan again and he said he would send another senior trainer to take the rest of the classes.

Since then no trainer has come, it’s been more than 10 days. In 20 days with such unacceptable gaps in between I have learnt nothing at all. I’m now no better than a trainee on the 1st day of training. Mr Rajan’s phone is not reachable since then. I have no clue about what to do. I don’t intend to shell out more money and go to a different Driving School as there is no gurantee of them being any better. I want my course fee back from these frauds and I intend to go to the consumer forum for the same.

I hope you can help me to lodge a complain against them to the consumer forum in the city and I suggest the residents of Pune who intend to take such trainings through any such school to beware not not pay the entire money upfront. Moreover, no one should pay them for obtaining license. It’s a simple procedure. Just search on the net for the list of documents needed, get them photocopied and visit the RTO with the documents both xerox and original. Get a form, after filling it up just assemble the documents and ask the Inspector on what to do.

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  1. You seems to be not aware of the organised hand of transport deptt operating in this sector all most in all state of India.It is not so simple as you mentioned in yours experience coloum that you got a liscense without making over payment to transpot office.Driving schools are working as licensed agents working for various services for the transport office,you should congratulate your transport office,PUNA for fair and trouble free services being rendered by them without any consideration from public.

  2. Hi Sanjukta,

    It is really heart-rending to read your experience! There is nothing called business ethics left amongst the people anymore. Thank you for sharing your experience though. I am about to take driving classes and will keep your tips in mind before fixing anything. I will strongly urge you to drag Rajan to the consumer court. It is high time that we consumers realize our rights and deny to be looted by cons like him!


  3. Hi! Sanjukta,
    It’s really shocking to here about the problems you faced, i’m really surprised, in the city like Pune there are people who take us in confidence and cheat us fairly without even thinking that what they are doing will one day repeat in their own family, even i have decided to take up driving classes so i came across your article and read it, all thanks to you to alert every citizen of Pune to be careful when they are choosing to take driving classs to keep in mind your valuable tips, and why dont you put a case on Rajan the conman who deceived you, come on its a woman’s world now you have to proof that we are not cowards and not to accept this type of treatment any more. You have to teach a lesson to Rajan.

  4. I joined the class( Jadhav Motor Tranning School.. Wanowari Pune.) and got very very bad service and training. Teacher gets changed very week and no one tell properly to drive . Rude behavior. Also one bad thing happened with me.

    After all these things i managed to complete my class and went to Exam in RTO- Alandi Road. They called us at RTO at 10 AM. Till 12:00 PM we all were just standing. No one from class bother to tell us what is the status. Then i asked one trainer why it getting late. He shouted me like anything. And told me to give back the form and go home. He was sooo Rude. Then he told me he wont allow me for exam just because i asked him. I Said sorry.. but he was still Rude to me. Then i got in the car for Exam.. he tried to fail me because of he was very angry on me by pressing break and accelerator suddenly at his end. Then after my exam i went to class Wanowari office to collect my receipt from RTO as they took my Two wheeler permanent license. Then that same person told me that i got fail in the exam… and told me because I asked him that day and not bcuase I drive badly in front of RTO officer. Then they directed me to the Class owner Jadhav. He also told me why i asked for the status after standing 2 hrs at RTO. He was so rude and told me to give 1000 Rs for another attempt for Exam; other wise my two wheeler and learning license will be cancel. He scared me a lot and i was very disturb whole day.. I gave him 1000 Rs. I have not yet got the license… They all fool me and took 1000Rs extra for just asking reason why we are waiting. I don’t have anyone who can help me in this matter.

    Please dont join this class… initially they are very good but once you join the class you will feel the Rudeness… they are theft. Don’t join this class.

  5. Hi Sanjukta,
    Even me and my two sister’s had the same issue with Champion Motor school at Sinhgad road.
    For your information they got arrested due to such behavior.

  6. you did few mistake b4 joining that driving school specially when u see any newspaper. The best way to get information of any city is the Internet. By the internet u can visit that city tourist dpt. page and can explore what your want to look. Another option is try to search your need in google search world best search engine and visit complete URL (Uniform Resource Locater) what v call complete website.

  7. Thanks Sanjukta for your article. I was researching driving schools on behalf of my sister. I will pass on the information, as well as comments from the others who have “named and shamed” some other schools.

    As you have rightly said, you need a minimum of 1 hour practice everyday until you have learned full control of the vehicle. In the UK, Dubai and probably other countries too you would need a minimum number of hours behind the wheel as well as a written examination before being allowed to take a road test. 15 mins for a driving lesson???? What can you possibly learn in 15 minutes? I now understand why Indian drivers are so abysmal in their driving, with absolutely no skills whatsoever.

  8. Tshering Sherpa on January 27th, 2011 at 10:44 am

    Hi, Sanjukta, It is indeed very upsetting to learn your bad experience with the driving school, I also am about to go for driving lessons and am searching for a good school of repute, and will be keeping your tips in mind. I being from the hills and have not come across such complaints or news. I advise that you should punish such irresponsible persons and school. Therefore, you should approach the Consumer Forum or Court and make them pays for their doings which in a way will also be a lessons for other such driving schools which are much prevalent in our country.

  9. Hi Sanjukta,thanks for all the information you gave.and about the driving license also we faced all such problems…luckily we didnt give the money..and i got learning driving license.

  10. hi friends. I joined Sai Motor Driving School in pune who having prime office in kothrud. After 3 to 5 days of joining i also purchased a New Car. This duffer driving school wale who having one more cluth and Break in the car teach nohting but just do time pass. I learned nothing and they told me to practice on my own car whihc i could not and i damaged my car to a little extent too. then i called a private tutor to teach me on my CAR whose name is Vivek. Within 7 days with total 15 hours of traning (in motor driving school total hourse are not more than 7 to 8) , i get the confidence of driving car.

  11. Hi Sanjukta, Thanks for posting the feed back. It’s an eye opener. Even I am in search of a good driving institute in Pune. Will be cautious now:)