Bad Roads Worse Traffic

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Roads leading to G.D Goenka and Bhatnagar International Schools in Vasant Kunj are an absolute mess. If bad roads were not a problem enough, then you should visit when the schools gets over, it’s like a commuters worst nightmare.

4 Responses to “Bad Roads Worse Traffic”

  1. Yes it is true that the roads in vasant kunj are in a very bad shape and are almost dead. the dda, pwd and mcd are the worst authorities. they do no do their work on time and use sub standard matirials. that is why people r suffring. if we stop paying tax to the govt. and get the roads repair our selves .

  2. yes,in our locality i.e. dhanvantari nagar,near rajendra ngr. indore m.p. the roads & the traffic is really a mess

  3. In my town a Tar road with no patch work or potholes can only be seen where der are politicians stayin rest all the palces we have roads but no tar on it.. its like stayin in a city but with village roads around. Every day i have this question runnin in my head why dont we do anythin about it.. but now i think we as an individual we should stand against it and fight for it or else things will be worse then this… I know any1 can just paste a blog but getting to do the actual work is a real thing..any1 with ideas as to how to start and go around it will be of great help… Jai Hind

  4. First of all INDIAN GOVERNMENT SHOULD FOCUS ON ROADS WORK. This is the first impression when someone enters in this country and there are hell lot of benefits for the roads. The cars, bikes can be use for long time. But now a days vehicles are getting old in just 3 or 4 years just because of roads. So first make the road than make the india.