Are you SpeakAsian?

Don’t trust everything you see on T.V, most of the ads these days are not worth trusting. Recently i came across many commercials by SpeakAsia about making money online just filling surveys from your home. Trust me.. none of those ads are real… I doubt even 1% of of the speaks asians who have enrolled in this program have been able to live fulltime on that income. Anyways, there has been a lot of legal talk behind the existence of the company in India and frankly i don’t understand why a company who has crores of rupees to spend on advertising does not even have a bank account in India. They are operating via their individual associates who provide their own bank accounts to accept cash or cheque. Anyone who thinks about this logically should have alarm bells ringing already.

If this was not enough, you need to go through their FAQ’s which they have put up online after the so much hohaa by press. The FAQ’s should make you run the other way. Read them on this page

I would love to hear your opinion on this so please comment below.

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