Airtel Launches Airtel Mobile Money

“Airtel money is a service offering from airtel Mcommerce Services Limited (AMSL) that allows you to load cash into your mobile and pay for just about anything: from a grocery store to a shopping mall or eating out with friends. airtel money is all you need…”

You would need a new Airtel money sim card to use this new service and then will be able to put in cash on it to pay merchants for both online and offline use.

Though this is a good service… I think sooner of later RBI will come and spoil the party here… why? because with this service you would be able to put in cash and make a payment or maybe transfer to your friend.. which means it has a potential to pass along black money between users. Since this has just been launched we will see what developments happen.. right now this service is mostly in Delhi, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

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