Airtel Customers Getting Fraud Calls from Pakistan

I got this mail as a forward from a friend and it was important enough to be posted on

Airtel users need to exercise caution while answering calls from random numbers!

Recently, there have been a spate of calls received on Airtel phones from numbers with +92 area code. The callers claim to be from Airtel Dubai or Calcutta and say that you have won an obnoxious amount of money through some lottery. TO avail the cash prize, they ask you to purchase some Dish TV coupons and ask for personal details including bank account numbers etc so that they can transfer you the money. Let me tell you, it’s all a fraud. There is no Airtel office in Dubai. Airtel is not running any such lottery scheme at the moment… and the Dish TV coupons are apparently useless. In fact, the +92 area code is for Pakistan! After attacks like 26/11, we would be stupid to overlook such events. This could very well be an elaborate terror plot where your phone number or bank account could be used for committing horrible crimes. If you’re an Airtel user, you must try avoid taking these calls in the first place. In case you do, be sure to avoid giving out any personal details. Please also lodge a complaint with Airtel and intimate the police. A letter in writing from both sources might help you clear you if your name is wrongly utilized ever.

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  1. I received a similar call from pakistan claiming that i have won a prize money of 15 lakhs.I urge all of you to avoid such calls..

  2. My driver who uses an airtel no. also received a call today from a no.00923476433016 claiming to be from Airtel & that he has won a lottery for Rs.10 lakhs!!!! and asked him to contact one Aakash Verma from Airtel – 00923057805912 who will tell him how to get the lottery money. Had to explain to him that all this is a fraud & not to get swayed in by the colour of money which is a way of luring in people & get the account details.

  3. I received a similar call from 00923057707147 saying that calling from airtel under lottery scheme you have won 25 thousand and if want to claim that amount u need to call on 923477474186 and had to speak with some vijay kumar and he will explain how to get the money. Further we called on the given number and they told call back again after 30 min. then after we called to the Airtel Customer Care 121 and informed them about this , they told this number belongs to pakistan.. and in future if you get same kind of calls please avoid them..

  4. Got a similar missed call today, March 14, from +923424419365. Called back later to know that I had won 25 lakh lottery from Airtel, and was given another number to talk to. By the way, I had heard of this scam so didnt bother much. Asked him if 0092 is country code for Pakistan to which he gave an excuse that this is a computerised number.

  5. I used to get calls from the number 00923057707147 oftenly and today someone gave missed call from +923477538712 on calling back he said that I have got lottery worth 25 lac from AIRTEL and gave me number 00923057707147 of Mumbai and said that I need to call immediately. When I called and asked that this is not a Mumbai number and from where are you talking he disconnected. Really spooky! Although I have not revealed any details of mine but still I am sure it requires some attention of mine and certain corrective steps to avoid any trap.

  6. parvesh jagga on March 25th, 2010 at 8:44 pm

    i am from chandigarh.. i recieved a similar call telling me that i have won alottery worth rs` 10 lacks and i was aked to contact on the number 00923476942722… i recieved the call from 00923427558151.. .. these guys are just befooling us..

  7. I got a similar call from a Pak number saying that I had won Rs. 25 Lakhs and that I was required to call a computerised Bombay number to claim it. The guys on the other side suddenly hung up when I told them that I wont be paying the Rs 10k tax to the government. This is all so funny

  8. Got a similar missed call today, April 12, 10:30AM. I and said that I have got lottery worth 25 lac from AIRTEL and gave me number 00923478811100 and said that I need to call Mr. Vijay Sharma immediately he will give you the detail about this. When I called and asked for he will told my person will visited you at evening 4 o’clock and give u the cheque, but you have to pay the tax amount of Rs9500 I asked him what is the guarantee you are from Airtel ,then he told me my sim no(starting 4 digit) . I disconnect the call and checked the sim no which found ok. Then after when I had switched on my mobile then I found the particular no have not there in my call log. I have talked Airtel Customer care with Miss. Monika she was told me that this no is from Pakistan. Really spooky! Although I have not revealed any details of mine but still I am sure it requires some attention of mine and certain corrective steps to avoid any trap.

  9. Hi this is Devang and I too have received the same type of call from Pakistan stating that I hve won certain amount of money and i need to speak with their Manager from Airtel and they would give me DISH TV coupons.

    I told them to donate the amount to their country for their needs as they are poor country and r beggers.

    Guys first of all try to avoid and it and if by chance u pick it up make sure that u guys give them hard time on phone.

    take care friends

  10. hey,i’m also getting similar calls..but the number being displayed on screen is random.. i’mean there is no country code before it.

    i used to receive calls first,but no one spoke from other side.& there was some background noise (other people were talking & some noise)

    i spoke with airtel customer executive,but they did not registered any incoming call on my number.that means it could be through voip

  11. I got such a call today…n I gave them my voter ID details…what shud i do now?

  12. Dear Customer,

    Security Tip: Calls announcing lottery prizes & demanding processing fees via TV recharge coupons are fraudulent. Please ignore such calls


    Rakesh Kumar

    Bharti Airtel LTD (Official online customer support)