Cancel all my Meetings at Taj… Damn!

Our esteemed Bollywood designer Mr. Manish Malhotra now is a couple places short for his meetings (Taj Mumbai, Trident Mumbai). “These were places everybody went to” … Does that “everybody” mean just the high society people?

“India was progressing, but this could be a major setback for our economy” . I don’t think he keeps abreast with the financial news, the economy is having setbacks for the last few months. Maybe for him, the economy is only limited to the tinsel town.

Finally Mr. Designer, if you are giving a statement to a National newspaper, at least mention a few consoling words about the people who lost their lives or were wounded…

Manish… get over yourself!

4 Responses to “Cancel all my Meetings at Taj… Damn!”

  1. so true so true!!! these people are so full of themselves

  2. c’mon.. be fair to him..
    were u expecting anything more profound from him anyways??!!

  3. @ Sangeeta: To be honest, i was not expecting anything profound from him… but at the same time i wasn’t even expecting such dumb comments as well!

  4. well.. u r asking for too much!
    whn the Dy. CM of Maharashtra was calling off this incident as ‘choti choti baaten’ thn these Manish Malhotras have the right to make dumb comments!!