Corruption breeders

We all are aware that every body is talking of corruption in government sector. Congress, BJP, AAM Admi crusader Arvind Kejariwal all are advocating curative therapy like police does i.e.after happening of incidence .The out come of that is Jan Lok Pal Bill or other such new bills in the pipe line. Prevention measure is better than curative measure ought to be preferred by the government but competent authority/leaders diffuse it on lame excuses. Audit, CAG and finance accounting are functional bodies of government for suggesting government to plug weak links and deficiency of the functional department.But they are cosmetically doing their job.Govt. spending Heavy salary on these unproductive bodies.

No financial proposal or payment of bill is possible without en-routing through accounts people. In past 3-4 decades no accounts functionary were blamed by AUDIT,CAG for being a part in irregular/or corrupt practices going on in government sector.Finance and accounts are the master mind authority in help compounding the corrupt practices prevalent in government department.departmental/Audit in past 10-15 years did not report about deficiency in use of computerized payments like in Banks and railway reservation. in force the department to maximize use of computerized payment Accounts functionary/Audit/CAG are aware of pocket friendly loop holes of system but they share benefit both ways one at a time of incurring expenditure by the deptt. and the other at post mortem stage i.e. Audit stage. Honble Rajive Gandhiji long ago had pointed out that Rs1/- spent by government,the beneficiary gets 15 paisa only.It is the duty of the CAG/Audit to find out the truth in the matter but they are silent on the issue.

The role of CAG/Audit is translated into fault finding machinery in government basic proposal including policy/aims and objectives. The projects/schemes which have scope for getting under hand bread butter is supported by CAG/Audit to government otherwise all kinds of negative recommendation would be seen where it is not possible. For example The corruption from government sector could be minis-ed to 70 to 80% by overhauling the the CCS CCA Conduct Rules 1965,CCS Rules 1964,and General financial Rules.These rules which were devised earlier belong to the era when security was neither considered nor required by our the then P.M./leaders of India! Computer system has replaced manual typing,social and ethical values are used to be tailored to suit individuals need.So by overhauling the CCS CCA and financial framed rules (speaking rules)will then act as a preventive measure,the corruption in government pipeline would be stalemated.The available ACT are sufficient to deal exceptional cases of corruption. The need of Lokpal bill may then become the thing of the past.

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Disgusting BJP

“Tumhare Baap Ke Naukar Hai Kya!” Is this how BJP thinks off the Aam Aadm? Disgusting to the core.

Introducing the Whatsapp Saree?

After FB acquired Whatsapp, they though what better way to get more Indian women hooked on to FB via Whatsapp… wallah!!! Introducing the Whatsapp Saree!

Whatsapp Saree

Call for Debate 2014

Debate in 2014 elections

Arvind Kejriwal has already accept the debate challenge, why are Modi and Rahul shying away? Please caste your votes here!

Samajwadi Party has Genius Volunteers

Was reading the paper today and came across a page where some volunteers of political parties were interviewed, their thoughts on the party and their ambition. The one below got my attention and i must say that Samajwadi party have volunteers which are geniuses in academics at the least.. why do i say that? Allow me to present the evidence.

Age of the volunteer as mentioned 28. His association with SP from 2001 ever since he won the students union elections to be come the president. Since the 2001 elections where 13 years back, this would make the Volunteer 15 years of age.. WOW!! He must have been the youngest candidate ever to win a college elections!

Exhibit A
Political Bullshit

Exhibit B
Genius Volunteers on SP

Some not so genius people might take my article as a satire.. and i have no comments on that 😛