Your Next Door Beggar

In a country where even politicians beg, there is hardly any surprise when a beggar on the street is more qualified then you and even makes more money. Besides, they are their own boss 😉 Read the funny article below, taken from HT With homes & degrees, city beggars can be choosers FINDS SOME EARN […]

Smoking is Injurious to Health

Got an invitation to join a “I don’t smoke. There are cooler ways to die.” by a friend on facebook. Since i am against smoking, i joined the group as well… saw some gruesome photographs posted on the group… including this one which i have put here. If you are on face book, i would […]

Find LPG gas cylinder expiry / test date

Below is a cut and paste from a fwd. email of a friend, I thought the information would be useful for everyone. Here is some information certainly useful within at least the Indian subcontinent. Are we aware that there is an expiry date for LPG cylinders that are used in India to supply gas used […]

Avehi Abacus Project Mumbai – Sangati

This film won the Best Children Film Award at the Genisis Film Project 2007 Mumbai