TATA Sky Mindless SMS Spam

I don’t watch TV that much, maybe a couple hours in the evening watching either reruns of Friends or interesting stuff on Discovery and that’s why I find it annoying when I get 3-4 sms’es from TATA Sky every day to either subscribe to a new channel which I have no interest in or to […]

Pavers England – Too Close to Nature

This is how Pavers England is inspired by Nature. If they see a snake resting on a tree branch, they skin the poor thing and make a shoe out of it. Is this called being one with nature? 😉

I’ll do Monkey Tricks, If you Pay me Good!

If you have a good product it will sell itself, if you have a bad product… you will have to spend millions on marketing it… so true! What do Aamir Khan and MS Dhoni have in common, which gets them truck loads of money? 2 things, huge fan following and big soft drink endorsements. The […]

I am not a SBI Customer! Thank God!

I am getting sick of the State Bank of India’s advertising campaign. Initially when the concept was new, it was interesting but then they started dragging the concept and I started ignoring the ads… now the situation gone out of hand, they are still dragging the same load and it has got on my nerve. […]

Dhoni, Say Cheese!

Aircel recently launched it’s mobile services in Delhi and hired M.S Dhoni as their brand ambassador. Unfortunately the crooked smile of Dhoni’s face looks more like a torture statement… maybe he was not offered a free cell connection with his multi crore advertising deal. 😉 Sidenote: Must have been real hard to keep the same […]