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Nissan Micra Party…

Nissan is celebrating Micra 1st Aniv party as if they have sold a hundred thousand of these and it has been a great success. Personally i liked the car even though it tanked as neither the car itself nor Ranbir Kapoor could save it. But by advertising like the car has done well, the company […]

La Tomatina Festival in South Delhi

Update 30.07.2011: The event was called off due to huge out cry by people after the article was published in HT. La Tomatina in a festival in Spain where people throw squashed Tomatos at people. This was depicted in the movie Zindagi Milegi na Dobara. Though this festival has been banned many times in Spain […]

Manmohan Singham

One of the funniest spoofs i have seen in a long time..

Indian may have over Rs.11,000 Cr. in Swiss Bank

I was reading the paper today and saw an article with the above title and thought to my self.. wasn’t this figure much higher just a few months back. Turns out that the article says the same thing.. except that since this whole thing has come into light, people have been moving their money to […]

Another Terror Attack on Mumbai

Can’t believe this is happening again.. our government is incapable to securing its citizens. 911 happend in US and after which there has been no more attacks. In India, the govt. is full of empty promises and is run by imbeciles who are too busy filling their pockets. How much longer will this go on […]