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Airtel Launches Airtel Mobile Money

“Airtel money is a service offering from airtel Mcommerce Services Limited (AMSL) that allows you to load cash into your mobile and pay for just about anything: from a grocery store to a shopping mall or eating out with friends. airtel money is all you need…” You would need a new Airtel money sim card […]

SpeakAsia now starting FMCG MLM?

After my previous article on SpeakAsia, i went to their website today and saw a sneak preview of their new website.. seems like they are now going the product MLM way that to in FMCG sector. I have never been able to understand this concept.. you make member who try and push products to other […]

Do you kids need Tuitions for Nursery and L.K.G?

Today morning i got an SMS which read “Want Tuition for Nursery, L.K.G, U.K.G & Class 1st to Class VIII” … this actually socked me that if there are people offering tuitions for Nursery then there has to be children taking tuitions for it! WOW… where has competition brought us, we are putting our children […]

Are you SpeakAsian?

Don’t trust everything you see on T.V, most of the ads these days are not worth trusting. Recently i came across many commercials by SpeakAsia about making money online just filling surveys from your home. Trust me.. none of those ads are real… I doubt even 1% of of the speaks asians who have enrolled […]

Honda City gets a Price Cut

While reading the HTBusiness i came across an article on the main page reading “Honda cuts City prices as competition bites…” After a launch of New Hyundai Verna and the upcoming launch of the New Ford Fiesta, Honda decided to cut the prices of their best selling Honda City by Rs.44,000-Rs.66,000. The shocker to me […]