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CBI finds new ways to beat Delhi heat!

I reckon that the CBI knew very well that they were carrying an expired license.. but who could resist an all expense paid trip away from this heat wave in India. Happy to know that the tax payers money is being put to good use.

Happy Mothers Day!

What all mothers do for their children is beyond words to describe.. i bow down in respect and think to myself how blessed i am. Wishing every mother a very happy mothers day!

Why do we need to pay more for Electricity?

Isn’t it bad enough that we are paying so much money for electricity.. even when it is not 24/7 and there are frequent power cuts that the distributors are trying to get a 60% hike ok’d by the Delhi government. I think if government gives subsidies on CFL bulbs and energy efficient appliance and everyone […]

Google cuts off India’s Head

I was checking my blog stats today on Google Analytics and in the geographic overlay of traffic i was checking the visitors from different countries, to my shock i noticed that Jammu & Kashmir was no longer displayed as a part of India… Even if you go to google maps and search India, the boundary […]

One down and three to go!

PWD (Public Works Department) will never learn the lesson… remember the pedestrian bridge which collapsed 2 weeks before CWG, now they want make 3 more like it… Stupidity personified.