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Air India problems continue… who suffers?

What i fail to understand is when all other private airlines are making profits, why is one of he oldest airlines in India running into losses and since this has been happening for over an year now… why has the CEO of Air India and the Civil Aviation Minister done nothing about it. It is […]

You’r in a boat… why do you need a life vest?

This was the exact reply i got when on my weekend trip to Nainital, i asked the peddle boat contractor to give me a life vest… and here i was under the impression that life vests were to be used even on every boat… but apparently peddle boats are an exception on the Naini Lake. […]

Manmohan Singh Ji!! Kuch to Dekh lo…

Was having coffee at Segafredo and happened to look at the Mid Day paper.. Found this cartoon of PM Manmohan Singh very apt (cartoon is by R Prasad)

Man of the Hour: Anna Hazare

Speaking on the third day of his fast, 73-year-old veteran social activist Anna Hazare said on Thursday that his health was fine though he was feeling slightly weak and had lost about 1.5 kg weight. Hazare said that he would be fine for about seven days and urged people not to worry for him. The […]