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Pavers England – Too Close to Nature

This is how Pavers England is inspired by Nature. If they see a snake resting on a tree branch, they skin the poor thing and make a shoe out of it. Is this called being one with nature? 😉

My Trip to Shimla

It’s been 2 years that I have been visiting Shimla (or is it Simla) every summer. Though I don’t go for more then 2-3 days but even those few days spent in Shimla are like heaven. If you are staying in Delhi, you will know what I mean. We were a group of 4 friends […]

Weekend Vacation to Shimla

Last year I took a weekend vacation to Shimla and this year I am doing the same thing 🙂 . Though I like exploring new places but when you have just 2-3 days of vacation why not go to a place you are familiar with. I am going with a few of my friends and […]

Hoping to See a Positive Change in India

Though i was not supporting any party this elections, i was a bit against BJP. I am so glad that BJP fell on their face after their 250 cr campaign by L.K Advani. If India has to change, it has to be youth leading India and not some 81 year old great grandpa whos ultimate […]

Fraud Companies on the Rise!

Cribb sent in by Neelam. I am sure this must have happend to others as well, please leave a comment below to advice not just Neelam but all of us on how not to get into this trap in the first place and if someone was conned, what could they do to fight back. This […]