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Anything Else Can I Get For You Sir?

Instead of a speedy trial for Kasab, looks like the government is doing everything in its power to delay it. The beneficiary of this has been Kasab. So far crorers of tax payers money has been spent on Ajmal Amir Kasab’s security and building a special underground tunnel for him to be safely transported from […]

Don’t Vote For People Who Will Ruin India!

With my latest poll question “Who will be the next Prime Minister?” I am truly surprised to see L.K Advani leading by 12% more votes. According to me, this person should not be in politics let alone running for the post of PM. I urge votes to read this article “Advani the party man or […]

I’ll do Monkey Tricks, If you Pay me Good!

If you have a good product it will sell itself, if you have a bad product… you will have to spend millions on marketing it… so true! What do Aamir Khan and MS Dhoni have in common, which gets them truck loads of money? 2 things, huge fan following and big soft drink endorsements. The […]

Schools Need to have a Doctor at Hand

If you have been following the Akkriti Bhatia’s (Modern School Student, Vasant Vihar. Delhi) case you will know that everyday it gets even more puzzling with the explanations or should I say excuses which the school authorities are coming up with. Akkriti Bhatia died because she was not given proper medical attention while suffering from […]

I Did my Bit on EarthDay!

Yesterday was Earth Day and there was a article in the newspaper urging everyone to switch of their lights in the evening for 1 hour. Believe it or not, I did it for 3 hours! 🙂 Well… here’s the catch, i did not do it myself… actually i had nothing to do with it at […]