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Book Club on Delhi Streets

I saw this photograph on HT today, did not make much sense to me… Firstly, I would not spot any women reading a book, keeping it right in front of her face and still manage to walk without bumping into something especially in Delhi. The chances of seeing two women like that would be less […]

Turn Off The Lights

WWF has designated tomorrow as the Earth Hour (28th of March). Tomorrow between 8:30 and 9:30 PM people from over 1500 cities will turn off their lights as a statement against Global Warming. Check out for more info. Also have a look at the Official Earth Hour 2009 video below.

Tough Times Ahead for Tourism Industry

An estimated loss of Rs.50 Crore for the hospitality industry as a result of IPL not happening in India would look like a drop in the ocean when it will be compared to the losses incurred by the Commonwealth Games cancellation. While elections are the biggest thing for India this year, sports events such as […]

Tata Nano, Neighbors Envy Owners Pride

Looks like the Nano has woken up the sleeping beauty (Maruti). After the mega launch of Tata Nano, today Maruti has given a full page advertisement of Alto on the first page of Hindustan Time. Though currently Alto is much above the price tag of Rs. 1 Lakh but with Tata increasing the price of […]

I am not a SBI Customer! Thank God!

I am getting sick of the State Bank of India’s advertising campaign. Initially when the concept was new, it was interesting but then they started dragging the concept and I started ignoring the ads… now the situation gone out of hand, they are still dragging the same load and it has got on my nerve. […]