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Gurgaon Gets Special Laptop Police

The Gurgaon police’s anti-laptop robbery squad is facing an unusual hurdle the English language. The one-of-a-kind team was formed to probe the rising number of laptop thefts 125 in 2008. The policemen, chasing two gangs of laptop-robbers, had to return empty handed from Tamil Nadu and Kerala last month because they could not communicate with […]

Mumbai Police Enters the Guinness Book

What is the record, you may ask? Creating the thickest charge sheet against a single person, spanning more than 11,000 pages which no one is going to ever read! 😉 Excerpt from the article in HT “The police filed a 11,280-page charge-sheet against Kasab, the lone survivor among the 10 terrorists, two Indians — Fahim […]

Bank of Baroda Next Has Miles to go!

Can any one please tell Bank of Baroda that we have been using the Metric System of measurement forever now! We work on kilometers and not miles. If a bank can change to the Standard System (followed by the US) for just an advertisement, language changes would be the least of our worries! “Gone are […]

Aren’t We All Beggars?

All of us on our daily commute have come across beggars at intersections and crossings. What do we do? Give them money when they come near us or shoo them away by cursing them. I have seen many children beg on the streets and it hurts to see them in such a state, is it […]

Please Don’t Make me Read Crap

As I was reading HT Business today, I came across an article “The Facebook lesson: urgent need to re-examine the business model” on the front page, written by N Madhavan (Associate Editor). Not sure how many of you have read it but if you havn’t then you just saved 10 min of your precious time. […]