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Subhiksha Going Down Under

The discount chain Subhiksha, probably had the best run of its corporate life when they started off a couple years back. They advertised ferociously and aggressively accomplished a chain of stores numbering over 1000. That was then… today things are completely opposite. Most of their 1000 stores have shut down and the bulk of their […]

For Once Ring the Door Bell… Will You!

Bring Domestic Violence to a Halt! Excellent campaign that I have been watching on the TV… whole heartedly support it. I encourage everyone to have a look with their website

A Village Called Vasant Kunj

About 2 years back i wrote an article of how Vasant Kunj was a dump of garbage… looks like much as nothing much since then. Excerpt taken from HT epaper Residents of the posh Vasant Kunj area in south Delhi have stopped drawing water from taps. The reason: Cow dung from a local dairy is […]

Just Another Shiv Sena

Pramod Muthalik’s Sri Ram Sena is emerging as a copycat of Raj Thackeray’s MNS and Shiv Sena. Leaders of all three political / social parties are clearly insane and are doing acts terrorism within the country. Mr. Pramod did not seem to think that anything wrong as been done, his “boys” have molested women on […]

Shutup and Let The Man Work!

Personally I think we are overdoing the “Obama Phenomena.” Why is the media talking about the car he will be driven in, the cloths he wears, his six pack abs and now the way he shakes hands and gives a pat on the back. HT put the below graphic as the head line of the […]