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Happy New Year – 2009

In a few hours we will step into a brand New Year 2009 with a lot of hope and wishes for ourselves and our loved ones. For me 2008 was filled with up and downs, personally as well as professionally and there were times when I would ask myself if I could go on any […]

For God Sakes, I am not Sleeping.

Is it just me who has got tired of seeing the Jaajo Re commercial on the TV? Even after the elections they keep airing this commercial, which makes me wonder if they are just promoting the Tata Tea now. What started off for a social cause has become a commercial venture. I did not expect […] Stats for the Year 2008

I am happy to announce that have received over 3 lakhs visitors in 2008 who have spent over a minute on an average on the blog and have collectively viewed almost 5 lakh pages. This year hundreds of visitors have left over 1250 comments on the articles had have started some great discussions. With […]

Riding the Wind Power

For once the Indian Railways is taking an environmentally friendly initiative. The Integral Coach Factory (ICF) in Chennai will be powered by Windmills. Suzlon Energy which has been awarded the project will be manufacturing 7 Windmills at the cost of Rs. 60 Cr. The most fertile paces for harvesting the wind energy have been short […]

What Happened to Subhiksha Mobiles?

After an exhausting advertising effort 10 months back, Subhiksha name is not even heard of anymore. I had mentioned about Subhiksha’s non-functional website back in Feb 08, the situation is still the same. They still have not added any product to their website… it stands more like a monument in ruins on the internet. Back […]