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I have activated feedburner service where by you can very easily subscribe to updates from Buy entering your email address here, you will get a confirmation in your email which will then ask you to verify the subscription request. That is all you have to do!… everytime I post something on you will […]

News Channels Went on a Field Day

Don’t blindly believe everything what the T.V channels show, remember they want you to be glued to their channel and will go to any lengths to manipulate or even makeup news… which is always from the reality. Just see the image on the left, if you had not seen the camera man, then you would […]

Cancel all my Meetings at Taj… Damn!

Our esteemed Bollywood designer Mr. Manish Malhotra now is a couple places short for his meetings (Taj Mumbai, Trident Mumbai). “These were places everybody went to” … Does that “everybody” mean just the high society people? “India was progressing, but this could be a major setback for our economy” . I don’t think he keeps […]

Mumbai Rocked Once Again

What the hell is going on in India? Taken from Yahoo news. The terrorists who attacked Mumbai came via sea routes from Karachi in Pakistan, according to an intelligence report. Militants armed with automatic weapons and grenades attacked Taj and Oberoi hotels, hospitals and a famous tourist cafe in Mumbai late on Wednesday, killing more […]

The i-Pill Advertisment

The i-pill emergency contraceptive pill commercial is one of the talked about commercial these days… simply because it breaks the steryotype image of an i-pill user. Some facts on i-pill Cipla’s i-pill prevents pregnancy by stopping or delaying release ovulation (release of an egg), blocking fertilisation by affecting the egg or sperm, or preventing implantation […]