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Vacation in Muscat

I am currently on a holiday in Muscat, Oman. It’s just beautiful here… this place has changed so much in the past years and the development has been amazing. Classy Malls, excellent road network, Amazing monuments and natural wonders, Pristine beaches and more. Not to forget the beautiful Palaces of Sultan Qaboos. Check out the […]

Who Are Those 6% People

This poll has been taken from HT newspaper which was conducted in 7 cities by HT and CNN-IBN as to what the citizens think of Government, Religion & Security in light of the recent bomb blasts in various Indian cities. What I want to know is who are those 6% people who think that the […]

Cheque De India!

Article taken from HT epaper. What a contrast between Hockey and Cricket! Here is the farce of India’s national sport: players scrounge for food, bulbs, washing machines and even uniforms. In April-May this year, the Indian men’s hockey team went to play the four nation tournament in Australia. They ran up a food bill of […]

Fakes Are in Fashion!

These days FAKE seem to be in the in thing… be it fashion (Lui Vuitton, Gucci) or gadgets like mobile phones (Nokia) and mp3 players (ipod) I liked the Nokia ad. featuring Shahrukh Khan, it hit the right spot in giving a direct message to the consumers of fake mobile handsets… a neat print ad, […]

Educated Cowards

Cribb sent in by Neelam Adhikari As i logged in to write what I saw half an hour back, I read this cribb of yours asking to carry first aid box in trains. After reading it, I am thinking what I witnessed today is nothing, when we are not bothered about our fellow humans who […]