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Problems With Reliance Data Card?

Cribb sent in by Sachin Surana I don’t know why it is called Reliance where as it is not at all Reliable. Whatever little experience I have of using Reliance offerings has been frustrating. They seem to try to get into everything and so most of the things they have to offer is unsatisfactory and […]

Tata Sky Free Movie Offer

I have been using Tata Sky and it has been great so far, the video quality is very good and so is the sound. The best thing I like is that I do not have to deal with the local cable guy anymore which was always a headache. Having said the good things about Tata […]

Money Down the Drain… sorry, Yamuna

It’s no secret that I don’t like the MCD, I have written so many articles on MCD that I must be on their most wanted list by now. The reason for my bickering is that the Municipal Commission has wasted thousands of crores of the tax payers money in the past so many years and […]

DU’s 1st Cut-off List is Up

Delhi University has posted its 1st cut off list for the Humanities and Eng. course admissions. To view the list click here (PDF reader required)

Watch a Movie for Less

The Finance Minister Dr. A.K Walia has taken a decision to bring down the entertainment tax on cinema from 30% to 20% (back in 2003 the tax was 60%). This decision was taken following representations received from the National Association of Motion Picture Exhibitors and the Multiplex Association of India. I think someone needs to […]