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How a Beer got me High… on fever!

It’s been a couple days since I have written anything; the reason is that I have not been keeping well since Friday. After having a chilled beer with friends, my throat went for a toss and I have been running high fever since then. Thanks to my sensitive throat, I need to be very careful […]

You Could be Next!

Spectator Today… Victim Tomorrow! Don’t turn a blind eye to accident victims.

Save Electricity by Checking BEE Labels

If rising electricity bills are bothering you, Switch to electrical appliances with BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) label. You can reduce your electricity bills and help India to increase the availability of electivity for more people, simply by buying Refrigerators, ACs & Tubelights that bear BEE’s Star-Rated Energy Efficiency Labels. – The BEE Star Energy […]

Another Way to Play FreeCell Offline!

Apparently FreeCell is the favorite time pass at companies in Gurgaon, as there is hardly any electricity to backup the computers. For that matter, there is hardly any water either! Image copyright Rina Piccolo : Website Link:

Rediffmail Joins the Social Brand Wagon

When I first saw the “Ek Rediffmail Bhej Ke Toh Dekho” advertisement on TV, I wanted to blog about it the very same minute but unfortunately I could not get a hold of the video till today. Seems like everyone (Airtel, Tata, Idea, Rediff) are using some kind of social advertising message to reach out […]