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Gandhi, Shiva, Ganesha all for Just $16.99

I happened to read an article in HT on “US site sells undies with Bapu images; riled India protests” and then I went online to to have a look at the images myself. After typing in some keywords like Gandhi, Hindu, Shiva etc i got to see some images which the article was referring […]

Are You a Balti? ibibo Says That You Are

Have you seen ibibo’s commercials, the balti thing? Personally i think they are crappy without much concept but then that’s just me. A bomb squad trying to defuse a bomb, a lady sick of her husbands photo collection… in both commercials the key person is called a balti, if you think about it for a […]

Your Next Door Beggar

In a country where even politicians beg, there is hardly any surprise when a beggar on the street is more qualified then you and even makes more money. Besides, they are their own boss 😉 Read the funny article below, taken from HT With homes & degrees, city beggars can be choosers FINDS SOME EARN […]

Aaj Khush to Bahut Hoge Tum!

We are seeing the feel good factor of Indian Economy in the Railway Budget, Lalu Ji brought down the price of Rail travel giving some more competition to the low cost airlines. Lets See if the Civil Aviation Minister Shri. Praful Patel will do the same. New Delhi: Railway Minister Lalu Prasad had promised that […]

What Do You Call a Weekend?

Got this from a friend, thought i would share it on the blog as well. It’s true! Hell and heaven are both on earth! With Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in between! 🙂