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Merry Christmas

I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year 2008! Keep on 😉

Subhiksha Mobile Price Challenge

Have you seen the many commercials of Subhiksha mobile price challenge? Well I have seen a couple on the TV and one online, the ad below says “Buying a New Mobile, Take the Subhiksha Mobile Price Challenge.” When I clicked on the ad it took me to Subhiksha Mobiles website but there was no challenge […]

Find LPG gas cylinder expiry / test date

Below is a cut and paste from a fwd. email of a friend, I thought the information would be useful for everyone. Here is some information certainly useful within at least the Indian subcontinent. Are we aware that there is an expiry date for LPG cylinders that are used in India to supply gas used […]

Toilet Cleaner for your Skin?

I saw this one in HT Brunch today… took me 5 min to figure out what are they selling… but i guess i am still confused, are they selling a toilet cleaner to clear your skin? Thank God! a warning at the bottom of the ad. “Sanifresh Thick is not to be used on skin” […]

Pay Up or Die

This is the message which the banks are sending to the people, pay up the money you owe or else! Much like the mafia does it but in a legal way. Even though the courts have directed banks to stop such activity but the directive has fallen to def ears. The way I see it, […]