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Kothari Tea and a Ferrari!

Naman, one of reader sent in this pic. Apparently he was somewhere near Dolphins Nose in Ooty and took a snap of the bill board Cheap yet effective way of brand building. If you come to Ooty and go back Without drinking Kothari tea, Is like going to Italy and coming Back without driving […]

Avehi Abacus Project Mumbai – Sangati

This film won the Best Children Film Award at the Genisis Film Project 2007 Mumbai

Abhishek Bachchan: What A Bad Idea

Am i the only one who thinks this ad. is full of crap?

It’s a doggy dog world out there

Now if i could only get him to roll on his belly! … good boy! Also check out Sonia Ji Rules! * photograph taken from Hindustan Times

Simplifly Deccan: Advertising which makes no sense

If you visit you will notice an ad in the middle of the page. Below are the snap shots of that ads Trust me… nothing can be further from the truth With most of the flights late.. how on earth can this guy tell the time? Well.. busses and trains were always around.. wern’t […]