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Delhi Road Rage: Unsafe for Everyone

I hope you have read the below article on Hindustan Times today… it is such a shame that innocent people are killed on Delhi roads by drunk drivers in rage. This is not just 1 incident… there are a lot many happening everyday, some of which we do not hear about. The sad part is […]

Dignity of Labour?

Over time we have started taking some thing for granted but it is photographs like this which brings us back to the harsh reality. Don’t cribb, next time when the A.C is not working properly in your office.

MoneyControl Says Sensex Down by 7000 points WTF?

When i opened moneycontrol in the morning to check on the sensex, you should have seen my face.. moneycontrol was showing market down by 7000 points.. of course i knew that something was wrong.. just imagine if it was not… Indian economy as we know would seize to exist. A couple refreshes later, the counter […]

Sonia Ji Rules!

Are they preparing to sit or are they taking a bow? ahem.. ahem!!