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I feel very proud to say that is ranked number 1 for the search term “Social Cause India” on Google, out of 16 million pages. Not just that is also ranked number 9 if you search for “Social Cause” on Google…from an astronomical 132 million web pages. All this in just a few […]

Rat + Beer = Patna Police Enquiry

I fond this funny article in the Times of India (Online Edition). Looks like the rats are doing the same things as any politician in Bihar… attacking people in open and nibbling on higher officials tows 😉 (photograph on the left is not the actual one, but i am sure it is something close to […]

Faulty Whirlpool Washing Machines

Complaint Sent by Cribber RAJU This is regarding my purchase of fully automatic washing machine H65. In whirlpool records my name is Jay Raju (one of the compliant nos In0507003514). They first took 10 days to send demo person and when he opened its found that they sent me the damaged piece.They took another 10 […]

Delhi Jal Board Uses GPS To Track Tankers

Did you get to read this article on HT today? Interesting read! Delhi Jal Board installed 229 GPS systems on their water tankers to track their movement because they “thought” that the water tankers were selling the water to ICE making companies instead of delivering it to water starved parts of Delhi. Firstly how ever […] : Multiply Your Investment

We at are on our way to create a interactive meeting place for investors, where people eager to make money will get smart advice from not only their peer but also from market professionals (fund managers, investment bankers.) We are in the beta stage of launch and at this time we would like to […]