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MS Office 2007

Sounds like a sleazy personals advertisement. “Hey it’s me Julie I am new and fresh! Watch me experience me now!!” 😉 Looks like Microsoft’s creative team is really getting creative.

Pot Belly of Indian Police

Watch out! the seams are about to burst of the cop’s shirt… err pants!! Do you think this cop can run even 200 meters if need be?

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

Damn… it takes more than 36 years to get justice in this great country, mind it… the widow till has not got the plot. DDA has been given 4 weeks by the High Court to allot her one and we all know that DDA never meets deadline, they don’t even know what a deadline is… […]

Progressive China

Now if this was in India, how do you think The Shiv Sainiks would have reacted? hahaha!! Do write your mind in the comment box below… it would be interesting to know what everyone thinks 😉

Aishwarya & Abhishek’s Wedding

…and to think that Abhishek would at least get a clean shave on his wedding day 🙂 (Photograph taken from HT)