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Driving Under Influence of Mobile Phone

I fully agree that it is not safe to talk on the cell phone while driving, the reason is you loose concentration and second you are not in total control over the vehicle as at least one hand is away from the steering. At the same time the government is taking this too far by […]

Delhi Electricity Problem

Delhi had a power shortage every year in the summer, this has been a tradition for decades so much so that i could quite easily call it a summer festival 🙂 Hindustan Times came out with a full page information section on electricity situation, what to do, what not to do and how to save […]

The World Cup Drama

Honestly the Indian team’s performance is nothing more than a bad movie, you paid good money to watch but the performance of the players was so much below par that you want your money back. Think about it… new players are recruited and if they take a few wickets or just happen to have long […]

Bad Roads Worse Traffic

Turn on your speaker volume for the video! Roads leading to G.D Goenka and Bhatnagar International Schools in Vasant Kunj are an absolute mess. If bad roads were not a problem enough, then you should visit when the schools gets over, it’s like a commuters worst nightmare.

Bad Roads of Vasant Kunj

Turn on your speaker volume for the video!