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Paying Too Much For Internet Access?

I was in US a few months ago and found out that my brother who has an yahoo DSL service is paying $20 (Rs. 900) for UNLIMITED internet access with 1.5 Mbps speed (Just so we are clear. 1.5 Mbps would be 100 times faster then your regular dialup speed) In India speeds over 1 […]

Parents will be Parents

For a country boasting about strong culture & family ties, it is a shame when we have to come up with a law stating that children’s must take care of their parents. When the educated lack basic education then what good would a law do? Yes… it would definitely hold the children accountable when it […]

Gangster Babloo Srivastava Acquitted

This may sound like a story from any Bollywood movie in which a gangster is acquitted despite solid evidence except it’s not, this is real life and despite more than 40 cases of murder, extortion & terrorism pending on gangster Babloo Srivastava he is let off scott free in the Lalit Suneja murder case. Scanned […]

For Those Who Smoke

Thought i would do some research on harmful affects of smoking since i have been reading about it in the newspapers so often. Chemicals in cigarettes and tobacco smoke make smoking harmful. Tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 different chemicals. At least 43 are known carcinogens (cause cancer in humans). Cigarettes are one of few products […]

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